Jersey Premium

Jersey Premium is a targeted funding programme. It is designed to ensure that all pupils achieve the very best they can from their education. At Samarès School we believe that every pupil deserves the best start in life and the additional funding we receive from Jersey Premium is used to help us achieve this objective.

In 2016 -17 44% of pupils at Samarès were eligible for Jersey Premium, providing school with funds totalling £87,694.

We appreciate that for some there will be significant barriers to learning, despite this, we recognise the potential of every learner. At Samarès, Jersey Premium funding is used to provide an engaging, relevant and enriching curriculum that is broad and balanced and provides opportunities to stimulate children’s creativity, deepen their understanding and sharpen their thinking.

Research shows that the most effective way to improve outcomes for children is through the quality of teaching. As a school, we are focused on providing the highest quality teaching to improve outcomes for pupils, with a commitment to accelerating the progress of all pupils.

In the past year projects funded through Jersey Premium have focused on quality teaching, pastoral care, end of year transition and additional targeted interventions.

• Our school is committed to providing high quality teaching. Jersey Premium funding has allowed school to create in-house advisory teacher roles to support and enhance teaching, learning and assessment throughout the school.
• In order to ensure pupils’ needs are met so that they are both physically and emotionally ready to learn, Jersey Premium has been used to supplement the pastoral care school is able to provide by introducing a School Family Liaison Officer and a bilingual teaching assistant to support both pupils and parents throughout the school including at Samarès Pathways, the on-site Child and Family Centre, in making sure children achieve the best they can.
• Jersey Premium has been used to provide more enrichment opportunities; a contribution to Caring Cooks partly funded the exciting and very successful programme of food and nutrition lessons throughout the school. It also allowed school to employ a Physical Literacy specialist who worked alongside children and staff to promote and develop resilience and self-esteem. Pupils gained the knowledge and understanding of the importance physical literacy has on maintaining health, and developed their ability to reflect realistically on personal strengths, attributes and attitudes to exercise, wellbeing and learning.
• To address a number of challenges associated with the transition from one year group to the next an extended transition project at the end of the summer term has been established with funding from Jersey Premium. This project aims to remove some of the anxieties pupils feel about moving to a new year group and avoid a build-up of concern over the long summer holidays for pupils and their families. It supports teachers in their planning and preparation for their new class as they develop and early understanding of the needs of individuals within their class and supports them in preparing effectively for their pupils’ next phase of education.
• Targeted intervention sessions to provide children with the opportunity to consolidate learning along with pre-teaching to minimise misconceptions were also funded. Intervention-based work aims to support pupils not only to catch up but also to keep up. Where it is beneficial for a pupil to receive additional support in English or Maths, this is timetabled in a way that does not impact negatively on their access to other areas of the curriculum. Interventions are provided before and after school to boost academic achievement for targeted pupils.
• High-quality, early interventions impact positively on child development and improve outcomes for children. At Samarès we aim to provide a high quality Early Years provision with a language rich curriculum. Jersey Premium funding has ensured that additional adults are placed in the Foundation Stage as an early intervention.

For further information on Jersey Premium, including: Eligibility for Jersey Premium, Parental Preference, Recently arrived families, Jersey Premium fact sheet and a Jersey Premium application form, visit the gov.je website page by clicking here.

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